We want to express our deep gratitude to our new Children Ministry Team for untiringly planning/preparing for a one-year children activities. September 26, @ 2:00 PM, we held our first ever Virtual Ice Cream Party. Thank you also to all children and parents who joined in the party. Your participation is, no doubt, an inspiration to the team.

Volunteer Children’s Ministers:

Jam Antonio, Morgan Luna, Lacy Schmidt,

Erin Luna, Anjelica Vindua, Kelsey Pormasdoro, 


Arlyn Unating- Current Children Ministry Coordinator

Joy Castaneda- Former Children’s Ministry Coordinator

Kim Pormasdoro- Nurture Committee Chair

Rv. Ken Park- Church Pastor

To anyone who wishes to be part of this team, we would love to work with you. Please let us know. Let’s all help our children grow in the knowledge and wisdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; let’s support our Children Ministry Team.